Vintage Woolrich shopping in Japan with Highsnobiety

March 15, 2021

Highsnobiety heads to Japan to source one-off vintage Woolrich pieces - *adds to bucket list.*

"Japan is way ahead of the game when it comes to its expertise on subcultures and the impact of social movements on fashion in particular. The influence that the American lifestyle has had on Japanese fashion and its industry's approach to collecting garments is an important factor when thinking of Japan's style history."

"The 'wabi-sabi' notion of the Japanese is about embracing authenticity, finding value in things that may be weathered, and seeing beauty in simplicity. These are all elements that Woolrich encapsulates as a brand, hence its popularity in Japan. Japanese creatives have always been keen on incorporating a utilitarian aspect to their clothing - something they noticed quickly in Woolrich's approach to creating garments that held a specific function yet remained unique in terms of design."

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